✆ 210 28 34 266 - 6932 473021
✉ info@xartogonia.gr
✆ 210 28 34 266 - 6932 473021
✉ info@xartogonia.gr

Payment methods

You can pay for your order in our online store www.xartogonia.gr, in the following 4 ways:

1) By COD

You are given the opportunity to pay for the goods you ordered upon receipt. That is, you pay your purchases to the employees of the transport company, as soon as you receive them. The shipment is made immediately and safely.

For purchases over € 500 there is no possibility of payment by cash on delivery. Payments are accepted in all of the following ways.

2) By Deposit in a Bank Account / remittance
You can pay for your order by depositing the amount in our company’s account and through e-banking.

IBAN: GR17 0171 0420 0060 4212 2243 440 (Beneficiary: Eleni Aslanoglou)

National Bank

IBAN: GR6 0011 0132 0000 0132 9234 2683 (Beneficiary: Eleni Aslanoglou)

Make your payment directly to our bank account. In your deposit you must fill in the number of your order and then send us the copy of the bank, fax: 210 2834266 or email to info@xartogonia.gr

3) By Credit or Debit Card
The online store www.xartogonia.gr, accepts most credit cards (Mastercard, Visa). You can easily, immediately and with absolute security, pay for your order.
Your credit card information is transferred encrypted directly to the bank, without being disclosed or stored in our online store.

For your own safety, you must be present at the receipt of your order and be asked for your ID.

Installment Policy

There are 2 interest-free installments for purchases worth more than € 150, for payments by credit cards.

4) Via PayPal
Pay for your order in the safest and most widespread way worldwide. PayPal guarantees the security of your payment, and your personal data.

Note: Overseas orders can be paid by Deposit in a Bank Account or Via PayPal before sending the goods. Due to the inability to calculate the shipping cost, for all destinations, during the completion of the order, please contact us by phone or email info@xartogonia.gr, for additional information and the completion of the order.


You must choose whether you want a Purchase Receipt or Invoice before the purchase is completed. In case of Invoice, the necessary information must be mentioned, when you register in our online store:

  • Company name
  • Profession
  • VAT number, Tax Office
  • Address, City, Prefecture, Postal Code
  • Phone
  • E-mail